Dale City Democrat Murders Outrage

And example of what we are up against

The MSM (Main Stream Media like the Washington Post etc) censored the report of these murders, among other things refusing to print the pictures of the murder suspects that had been arrested because they were all Minorities, typical Democrat anti-White racial bias.

The true facts are informative and educational, but the public rarely gets the facts by the time the MSM gets through censoring what the public is allowed to know. All censorship is a  form of brainwashing because it tends to coach the person on what, and how, to think.

The facts of this case are simple, and sadly all too familiar. A White family gets caught up in Democrat Politically Correct Liberalism and acts in a way that simply gets them murdered. The cost to society is enormous both in money and other values.

In this case the mother of the family and her college aged son were murdered by a neighborhood 17 year old Black man, who was aided and abetted in committing this murder by his 22 year old Hispanic “girl friend” and another male friend who also just happened to be Black.

The surviving father spills the beans on himself, and tells it all, when he said to the media. “We are not going to change our lifestyle of living our lives open to the community.” Yes, their lifestyle was that the victims’ home was commonly full of all kinds of people from the “community” and rarely locked any doors of their house.

The doors were unlocked when the murderer entered the house to rob things (He took about a thousand dollars worth of goods, later found in his home) and presumably killed the mother and son so they wouldn’t be able to identify him. That is the heart of the case, but what does it tell us about the country we live in in the larger sense?

For one thing this “boy” had a long history of being a thug in the area, with little or no police or court action to control him. He was clearly the product of a permissive Democrat dominated society in which anything goes, and no one is punished for anything. The result finally is murder.

The way this happens all the time is very simple: Democrats work night and day to ensure that no one gets punishment for anything, and we see the results all around us every day of our lives.

The conclusion is that every single person who votes Democrat for any office has the blood of innocent victims on the very hand they use to pull the voting machine levers. They can’t wash it off, ever. And the rest of us live in a degenerated and trashed nation.

Note: The sad fact is the Minorities involved will spend the rest of their lives in prison and their families will be devastated along with everyone that this murder touches, and that will be thousands of people. All of them, not to speak of the victims, are victims of Democrat Party Politically Correct lies and hate. Democrats killed these people, and Democrats used minorities as their cats paw without any concern for them either. This is really not about race, it is about Democrats using race as a weapon to destroy this nation and all the people in it, and eventually the world.